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Love's Song Part 8

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“Yuri,” Dr. Brown informed Yuri who was waiting outside the emergency room anxiously.
“The situation is grim. Thomas was shot severely in the stomach and a whole part of his liver is ruined. The only way to help him is for someone to transfer part of their liver to him. But…”
“I’ll do it.” Yuri said instantly. Dr. Brown sighed.
“I was afraid you would say that. But you have to understand that you have leukaemia and if you transfer your liver or part of it to Thomas, it will shorten your life span.”
“Please, Dr. Brown… Please, I have to help him!” Yuri begged. The doctor sighed.
“Well, alright. I see you truly love him.”
“Please don’t tell him I did it.” Yuri said. The doctor looked astonished.
“But why would you not want him to know of your love for him?” he asked.
Yuri looked away.
“I have hurt him enough. I don't want him to know that I sacrificed part of me. He’ll regret and feel bad for the rest of his life. Just say that you cured him, please.”
The doctor sighed for the third time.
“Well alright since you insist. Please come to the operation room.”

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The next day, Yuri’s operation to transfer part of her liver to Thomas was successfully completed. Thomas was still unconscious but Yuri was awake and getting ready to leave.
“Thank you, Dr. Brown. Please don’t tell Thomas. Take good care of him.” She said.
Just then the door opened and Thomas entered. His face was pale and tired. Yuri gasped and hid herself quickly in the closet in the doctor’s office.

“Thomas, what are you doing away from your bed?” she heard Dr. Brown ask.
“I’m alright, Doctor. Thank you. I expect I will be able to leave in a few days?” Thomas asked.
Yuri thought his voice sounded hoarser and more strained then usual.

Suddenly Yuri felt pain rapidly streaming through her bones and muscles. Her whole body felt immensely weak and rubbery. Her vision was blacking out. Yuri fell with a loud thud as she couldn’t control herself. Thomas turned as he was heading out for the door. Yuri was saved by some quick thinking from Dr. Brown.
“Oh, damn it. It must be the books in my closet again. And I just restacked them!” he said exasperatedly.
Thomas smiled wanly and left. Yuri began to cry. She wanted Thomas to know she loved him, but she didn’t want to hurt him anymore. The doctor helped her out and let Yuri cry.

“Hi mother. How are you?” Yuri said into the phone.
It was night back at the dormitory and she was calling her mother.
“I’m fine Yuri dear.” Susan Kowan’s voice replied.
“And you?”
“I’m…“ Yuri considered telling her mother about her situation, but decided against it.
“I’m alright, mother. Can I ask you if you could ever forget father?” she asked quietly.
“No Yuri, I will not forget your father ever.” Mrs. Kowan answered.
“I will not, and I cannot. Because once someone is deep in your heart, you will never be able to forget him.”
Yuri felt tears roll down her cheek.
“Thanks, Mother.” She whispered.
“I’ll talk to Thomas then.” She added vaguely before she knew what she was doing.
“Thomas who?” Susan Kowan suddenly demanded.
“Thomas Vacur.”
“Him?” cried Mrs. Kowan to Yuri’s great surprise.
“You have to break up. You cannot be with him.”
“Why? Do you know him, mother?”
“N-No. Well yes, Yuri. I’ll fax an article to you right now and then you’ll understand.”
They chatted for a while longer before Yuri hung up. She watched the fax machine as an article was printed out. She read it, and gasped.

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December 28th, 2001
Mr. Leon Spiel came to Sacramento for some meetings he had to attend in the name of his father, Mr. Aaron Spiel. It was then that he lost his young life. Late in the night of December 14th, his car collided with that of Simon Kowan’s and he was sent directly to the hospital. Simon Kowan was killed instantly after the crash. Leon had received a severe bump in the head and a variety of cuts but was in no big danger. He was sent back to London, England two days later, where he lived with his father and adopted stepbrother, Thomas Vacur. However, four days later, it was said he developed a tumour from a bump in his head and he died a week later.
Yuri looked up, stunned. So it was Thomas’s brother who had killed Simon. Leon had killed Simon. Thomas was as good as the murderer of her brother.

Thomas bumped headlong into Yuri after music class the next day. She looked up at him firmly.

“Yuri, let’s not break up.” Thomas, said, grabbing her arm.
She looked up at him and gave him a look. He wasn’t quite sure what it meant.
“I’m sorry, Thomas. We were never meant to be together. We can never be together either.” She said.
She swung free of him and walked away. As she did, a piece of white fax fell out from her bag. Thomas picked it up and read it. As he did, his eyes widened in horror and he understood. His brother had killed Simon, the person Yuri had loved the most in her life.

“Father, how did Leon die?” Thomas asked Aaron Spiel.
The man stopped in his tracks and looked at Thomas in surprise.
“Why do you ask?” he asked sharply.
“Tell me!” Thomas exclaimed.
“Don’t you know he died of cancer?” Aaron Spiel said.
“He killed Simon Kowan, Yuri’s brother, and then developed tumour from the crash, right?” Thomas cried.
His father froze.
“How did you find out?”
Thomas shoved the fax into his father’s face. The man read it and sighed.
“I knew how much you love Yuri and I didn’t want you to know.” Mr. Spiel said.
“How did things become this way?” Thomas yelled.
“Why is love so unfair? Now she will hate me forever. I am the brother of Simon’s murderer!”

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