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Love's Song Part 4

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Emily Radley sat in music class with her beady eyes focused on Thomas. How she loved his icy glare and his silvery blonde hair. The time ticked by slowly as Emily spent thirty minutes staring at the side of Thomas’s face. She noticed him glancing towards Yuri several times and her eyes narrowed into a sneer.
‘He never even looked at me.’ Emily thought angrily, her glint filled with jealousy.
What’s so great about that Yuri girl anyway? Emily had always been known as the Princess of Beauty to all her schoolmates and her wealthy background was most admirable. Most boys wanted to have Emily as their girlfriend. And yet, Emily thought glumly, the only boy she loved never even showed the slightest interest towards her. But somehow, Emily Radley was going to get what she wanted, even if her father’s money couldn’t buy it.

Emily took out her most expensive quill and slid it into Yuri’s schoolbag carefully and slowly. The girl glanced around to make sure no one was watching before she burst into a fit of fake tears. All heads turned to her.

“Miss Radley, what’s wrong?” the teacher, Ms. Spinner asked.
“My quill! My most expensive and precious quill is gone! It was a gift from my grandma, before she died!” Emily sobbed, pretending to look devastated.
Everyone began to look around for her pen.
“Everyone turn your bags inside out.” The teacher ordered.
Everyone did so obediently. Emily saw with grim satisfaction that Yuri looked dumbstruck when the quill fell out of her backpack.
“Yuri Kowan, how dare you!” Emily cried, pointing a menacing finger at Yuri.
“You are a thief!”
Everyone threw loathing looks at Yuri and the teacher scolded her.
“Miss Kowan, you must understand that thievery is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated at this school. I will have to report this. Do you have anything to say?”
Yuri looked at Emily in disbelief but did not say anything. Emily sneered at her.
“No, this is unacceptable, Ms. Spinner. I will take the punishment.” Yuri said after a moment.

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Thomas stared at Yuri in astonishment. He saw Emily frame Yuri.
‘Why hadn’t she denied it?’ He thought, bewildered.
Long after class was over, Thomas watched Yuri wash the blackboard and scrub the tables. He stood waiting until she was done, then stepped up to her.
“Want to go for a walk?” he asked quietly.
Yuri looked up in surprise.

Yuri and Thomas walked along the sandy beach in silence. They both stared at their feet and the sand and were careful to avoid each other’s eyes. Finally, Thomas broke the silence.

“Why didn’t you deny it and speak the truth? Look at your hands, they are blistering and red from all that work and yet, why did you not tell the truth to avoid such pain?” he asked, finally finding his voice.
It was his first time taking a walk with a girl and he never knew it would be so awkward. For a moment, Yuri didn’t reply, as if thinking of an answer.
“Emily Radley is not someone you would want to mess with. She is stubborn as a rock and wouldn’t give up until she gets her way. If I don't give up, she will think of more ways to accuse me.” Yuri replied earnestly.
“You know, she seems very attracted to you.” Yuri added as an afterthought, or perhaps to change the subject.
Thomas’s face darkened instantly.
“That’s none of your business.” He said shortly.
“I’ve known Emily for a long time and she is not quite my type.”
Yuri fell silent.
“It’s getting cold, let’s go back inside.”
Thomas suggested after another moment of silence. Yuri nodded and they started to walk back to the school.

That night Yuri dreamt of Simon again. She dreamt that he had come back to life and they were reunited. Her heart was filled with happiness. They were to be wedded. On the happiest day of Yuri’s life, just when it was the moment for Simon to give Yuri her ring, Emily came up and stabbed her in the back. She felt intense pain and saw Simon fading away - Yuri woke up screaming and sobbing. It was then that she realized she was still in her dormitory and that Simon was dead. It was close to midnight and to Yuri’s enormous relief, Emily had not yet returned. Her thoughts drifted to Simon and her heart sank.
‘Why did she have to think about him?’ She thought desperately.
All she wanted was Simon’s life back.

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Just then the dormitory door opened and the figure of a boy came in. Yuri sat up with her eyes slightly unfocused. As her vision slowly cleared, she gasped. It was Simon.
“Yuri, are you alright?” Simon said.
“I heard you screaming.”
Yuri threw her arms around Simon’s neck.
“Simon, why did you have to leave me like that? You really… Really scare me when the police officer said you died in that crash!” Yuri murmured, hugging him close to her.
Her tears were mingled with sweat from her dream and she held him tightly.

Thomas was totally surprised. Yuri clung onto his neck and broke down completely. He didn’t know why he didn’t shove her off and snap at her to come back to reality, but he didn’t. He just let her hug him and weep.

“How could you leave me like that? Do you know how much I missed you? I thought about you every night, Simon. I love you so much.” Yuri wept and her voice was shattering.
Thomas didn’t speak.
“Simon, please don’t leave me again…” Yuri gasped.
Then, to Thomas’s astonishment, she pressed her soft lips on his and kissed him softly.
‘She is in so much pain and suffering.’ Thomas thought sadly.
She must’ve loved Simon with all of her heart. Tears slid rapidly down Yuri’s face from her half opened eyes. Just then, Yuri gasped in surprise and stopped kissing Thomas.
“I… I’m so sorry, Thomas.” She apologized hastily.
Thomas continued to stare at Yuri.
“It’s alright.” He said, beginning to blush.
“I’d better go now.” he said awkwardly.
Yuri blushed and nodded. She draped a robe around her shoulders and escorted Thomas downstairs.
“Could you tell me who Simon is?” Thomas asked.
Yuri looked at him and shook her head sadly.
“I’m afraid not, Thomas,” she said quietly.
“I’m sorry.”
Thomas’s smile faded.
“You know, it’s better if you stopped living in the shadow of that dead boy!” he said stiffly and his lips pursed in a thin line.
Yuri turned to Thomas in disbelief.
“How I live my life is my business, not yours!” she snapped.
“Use your brains, if you have any.” Thomas shot back.
“What good is it to live your life thinking Simon will be back, when he will never?”
The girl felt a fresh wave of tears flow down her face.
“And what would you know about love, Thomas Vacur?” she snapped coldly.
“I bet a block of ice like you have never loved anyone in your life! How would you know how I loved Simon?”
Thomas didn’t answer. Yuri stared furiously at him for a moment, and then stormed back to her dormitory. She slammed her door shut. Emily had not yet returned. Yuri was glad. She was getting sick of the girl’s taunting. Yuri stood fuming for a long time as hot tears sting her eyes bitterly.

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