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Love's Song Part 5

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Thomas stood still in the hallway downstairs. Yuri’s words hurt him more than he could have ever imagined. He never thought any words could affect him so deeply. But she was right. He didn’t know anything about love until he met Yuri, until today. And he never did love anyone in his life. He didn’t know how to love. His father had been in a gang. He had lost money so he began taking money from Mrs. Vacur’s side of the family. He killed Mrs. Vacur’s parents and was later assassinated by the gang leader. Mrs. Vacur sent Thomas under the protection of a friend before jumping into a lake and died. Thomas lived for twelve years being tortured and enslaved by the couple whom he thought were his parents. Then the couple lost everything to a robbery and sold him to Mrs. Vacur’s aunt, an elderly woman who was too old to care for him. On her deathbed, she revealed the truth Thomas had never known. The old lady gave Thomas her small fortune and he attended the orchestra. Aaron Spiel, upon hearing Thomas’s tragic life, took no money from him. He never did love. He did carry a little thankfulness for his mother’s aunt, who had told him the truth. He had spent his eighteen years of life in misery. Nobody could understand the pain and misery he went through. Now he lived with Aaron Spiel and Mr. Spiel’s son and for the past two years, he had lived like a human.

Emily watched silently behind the door. Her mouth formed an angry sneer of jealousy and she exhaled deeply. Her devious eyes were shining with malice towards Yuri.

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It was the next day and Yuri was finished with classes. The day was stormy and grey with thunder rumbling in a distance. She was putting her books into her locker when she spotted Emily speeding toward her.
“Yuri, I don’t know who did it! Come!” Emily gasped, panting slightly.
Yuri turned curiously and went after Emily. Emily led Yuri to their dormitory. Yuri opened the door and gasped. Her drawers were flung open and all her photos with Simon were torn up and scattered over the floor. Tears stung her eyes as she bended down to pick the ripped pieces of her photos. Her heart hurt like crazy and she slid onto the floor. Slowly, she felt her breath got caught in her throat. She couldn’t breathe.

Emily sneered behind Yuri’s back and quickly dropped a quill down onto the floor. Then she gasped.
“Look!” Emily cried as she bended down to pick up the pen again as Yuri turned around.
“What is that?” she asked wearily.
“This pen, it’s… It’s…“ Emily stammered.
“Whose is it, Emily? Whose is it?” Yuri demanded, grabbing the pen.
“It’s Thomas’s!” Emily said slowly, studying Yuri’s face.
Yuri’s eyes widened in horror and anger and then she ran out of the room. Emily’s lips curled into a sneer.

Yuri burst through Thomas’s door to find him studying. His dorm mate Willis was sprawled over his fortune cards. They both looked up in alarm.
“Thomas Vacur!” Yuri shrieked, tears flooding down her cheeks.
“How dare you do that!”
“What are you talking about, Yuri?” Thomas asked, looking at her, puzzled.
“Don’t deny it! Yesterday we fought and today I find my room wrecked and Simon’s pictures torn up!” she screamed.
“I knew something like that would happen.” Willis said.
“Shut up Willis. Your room wrecked?” asked a concerned Thomas.
“But who…”
“And guess what I found?” Yuri went on.
“This!” she threw the quill down onto the floor.
Thomas stared at it.
“That is not mine!” he cried, enraged.
“Yuri, this is treacherous!”
The girl covered her ears.
“You know what’s treacherous? It is how I ever see anything good in a horrid person like you!” she snapped, before bolting out the door, leaving Thomas staring after her.

Yuri cried and cried that night. She didn’t return to her dormitory because she knew Emily would be smirking. Hence, Yuri spent the night walking around the area. She was not exactly angry, just heartbroken. She had trusted Thomas with her heart and also secretly loved him. Despite that, he did something beyond horrid, and now the shadow of Simon weighed down on her even more. How could she have been so gullible and naive?

Just then, Yuri felt the same pain strike her as it did when she found her wrecked photos. Her legs suddenly felt weak and they buckled beneath her. Her energy drained out of her slowly and she fell down.

A loud honk threw Yuri out of her pain. She suddenly realized she was kneeling in the middle of the street and a car was roaring down the road.
‘Maybe this is how Simon died’ she thought.
A loud honk and a blinding flash of light. Maybe that’s it. The car horn honked again but Yuri didn’t have the strength to move. White light blinded her and she knew nothing. Her fortune card fell out of her pocket and was crushed by the wheels of the car.

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Thomas ran down the dark street searching frantically for Yuri. He had never felt so worried in his life. His platinum blonde hair flew behind him and he breathed heavily but didn’t stop. Far away, he heard a honk but a car was nowhere in sight. A horrible feeling struck his head and he began to run and shouting Yuri’s name at the same time. However, there was no response.

Far ahead on the road lit by the dim street lights, Thomas saw what seemed like a large obstacle in the middle of the street. He ran closer and saw it was Yuri. There was little blood but there was blood at the corner of her mouth. Thomas was horrified. He picked up her body and began to run again, ignoring the cramp on his side. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, even though he was carrying Yuri. He felt a prickling tear at the corner of his eye but it didn’t fall.

Ambulance sirens screeched as it sped down the road. Yuri was inside the ambulance on a stretcher and Thomas, Aaron Spiel and Emily Radley were beside her.

The three waited impatiently outside the emergency room. Thomas paced back and forth with a furrowed brow while Aaron Spiel peered anxiously at the door. Emily sat still as stone and looked deep in thoughts.
‘Yuri was now in the emergency room and it was all something that started out with her. If she hadn’t wrecked Simon’s photos out of her jealousy, Yuri wouldn’t have left and got hit by the car. Damn it.’ Emily thought.
‘She just had to get hit, didn’t she? But she probably knew about Emily anyway. Yuri just wanted Thomas to like her more, that’s why she got hit on purpose. And plus, who told her to stay outside in the middle of the night anyway.’ Emily thought.
‘Yes, that was it. Nothing on earth happens when it’s not supposed to. Life isn’t that on target.’ Emily got angrier as she thought about it.
‘That little witch! She won’t get Thomas! Not while Emily Radley is around.’

Three hours later, the doctor came out to meet them.
“Miss Kowan is in no danger,” the doctor replied. Thomas sighed with relief.
“There is no need to contact her mother. She just has a sprained ankle, a slightly twisted back and a few bruises. Yuri has been transferred to a regular ward. You may visit her.”

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