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Someone once said that nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes as there's too much fraternizing with the enemy. However, the battle will continue to rage on as women and men are clearly very different. We cannot do without each other and yet can't stand each other. Do read about the cute and humorous comparisons between men and women to get yourself a good laugh. After finishing those articles, why not check out the viewpoints of men on the peculiar habits of women? After everything is done, you can always find out the more humorous aspects of modern dating.


Comparisons Between Men And Women

Battle Of The Sexes (Part 1) , Gender Wars (Part 2) , Jokes About Men (Part 1) , Jokes About Women (Part 2) , Difference Between Men And Women , Men vs Women , Things Girls Wish Guys Knew , Things Guys Wish Girls Knew


What Men Wants And Feels About Women

Beer Is Better Than Women , Difficult Women , How To Make A Woman Happy , How Women Think


Funny Aspects Of Dating

Blind Date , Jokes About Love , Rejection Lines


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