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Memories and Chances Part 5

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The party was open to everyone and many people, especially the girls, accepted such a rare opportunity. Who wouldn't want to spend their last day as a high school student with Ryuu? Nobody. It was good news for the boys too. The boys could find plenty of eligible girls at the party and might get lucky with them. I guess it was pretty normal that everyone wanted to go.

Hanezawa arrived at the party at ten minutes before eight in the evening. I could tell because I remembered looking at my watch before she came. Ryuu brought me with him and we greeted her with a playful salute at the gate. She looked beautiful as she stood there in her simple white dress and her hair tied in a knot. She didn't wear her glasses too. Like always, she chatted to Ryuu and simply smiled at me. We never really had a proper talk with each other then. It was usually a smile and a small “Hi” whenever I was around. I even thought she hated me for being there. Anyway, Ryuu took her hand and said that his parents would be glad to see her again. I saw her cheeks burned red as she left with Ryuu to talk to his parents.

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As usual, I was left alone again. It was fine with me though. I returned inside and talked or rather flirted with some girls.

A few hours passed by and I went to get a drink after being bored of flirting. My throat was dry from talking too much. A girl from my class named Koizumi was singing in the background. I listened to her as I drank in a corner even though she missed a few notes and her tempo was kind of off. I got nothing better to do anyway. That was when I overheard Ryuu talking to his parents.

“Do I really need to meet them?” He asked, frowning.
“I mean it's late and are you sure they are still coming?”
“Of course! They just called and said they are on their way. You need to stay.” His mother said.
“But I need to…”
“Let's just have someone bring Kana-chan home, okay?”
Kana-chan? It hit me who she was when I saw Hanezawa sleeping on the sofa. Did she get drunk?
“No! What if something happens to her?”
“Like I said, our driver would…”

I didn't know what came to me but I interrupted their conversation. I told them that I could send her back home. Ryuu was a bit hesitant but he agreed to my offer. After all, he didn't have any choice. He wanted to lend me his car but I refused since I didn't have a driving license.

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That's the reason why I ended up carrying the sleeping Hanezawa on my back while Ryuu called a taxi for us. As soon as we got one, I let her in first before getting in myself. I remember Ryuu warning me about not to lay a hand on Hanezawa but I simply laughed at him.

'Don't worry. I won't.' And the taxi set off.

The ride was unexpectedly long. I was sitting beside an innocent sleeping girl and the driver kept staring at us through the mirror. He might be thinking that I am a pervert who have lewd ideas about Hanezawa.

I shifted my gaze and tried to focus my attention on the things outside the window.
I heard a little chuckle but I ignored it. I was feeling really uncomfortable and I thought of jumping out of the car.
“What have I gotten myself into?” I thought.
I just wanted to help out and what did I get in return? A silent torture? Yeah, that's what I got.

I felt a sense of relief when we finally arrived at her house. I quickly paid the driver and carried Hanezawa again.
“You've got a cute girlfriend there.” He said, opening his window as I passed by it.
I shrugged the comment off. I guess I was too tired to react and I should just let him think what he wanted. Anyway, there’s no chance that I’ll ever meet him again in the future.

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