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Memories and Chances Part 2

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“Nothing.” She chuckled and she looked into my eyes.
“I kind of remembered something when I saw you, Motoharu.”
“Like what?”

She took a moment of silence before answering my question.
“Maybe you'll think that it's weird but seeing you now made me remember what I used to be five years ago. Ever since I came to the city for college, I haven't seen anyone from our place. It feels like I have lost my connection to the past and I feel like a wandering soul here in Tokyo. I do have friends here but it still feels different.”

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“I kind of understand that.” I told her and her face lighted up.
I used to have that feeling after two years of living alone in the city. I didn't pursue college but started working in a small publishing company right after I graduated. I was the youngest employee back then but no one really cared. The pay was good and my co-workers were all nice people. Maybe those are the reasons why I am still working there. However my relationships are like hit-and-run vehicles. You got hit and after a few months, they would all run out of your life. The last time I dated someone was two years ago.

“Anyway, are you waiting for someone here?” She asked, changing the topic.
I told her yes.
“A girlfriend?”
“No. Just a friend from work. He said he'll drop by at sixteen hundred hours.”

Her expression softened after hearing what I said. She wore a small smile and looked as if she recalled some good yet sad memories. She looked lost as she stared at the table. I thought I bothered her so I apologized.
“Sorry. It's kind of weird that I said sixteen…”
“Have you heard anything about… Ryuu?”
Somewhere at the back of my mind, I expected her to ask that.
“He got married five months ago.”
“Yeah. I heard about that.”


Ryuu was our common friend. We were in the same classes throughout high school. He was a “military freak” and was always fascinated about wars. He would have band-aid on his face for cosmetic purposes. He also liked keeping his black hair long in a pony tail. He said that a soldier would look cool with long hair and I guess he did look cool. Girls from other classes would whisper to one another whenever he walked through the school corridors. He would receive love letters in his locker everyday and different girls would confess their feelings for him every other week. He was also popular with the guys. Wherever he went, everybody liked him. He was that kind of person.

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Everybody thought that he wanted to be a real soldier but they were wrong. I found it weird too when he personally told me that he likes the military but he wouldn’t want to die in a war.

His obsession about the military sort of influenced me too. I became used to military time which is time in a twenty-four hours format. It became a habit of mine to report and identify time using military time.

I was happy to see him again when I attended his wedding ceremony back in May. He hadn't changed a bit since we last saw each other and his hair was still long. I got to know his wife, whom he met from work. I learned that she was a “military freak” as well. I guess that might be the reason why they got along well.

Hanezawa was Ryuu’s childhood friend. However, few people knew about it. They never talked in school nor exchanged glances whenever they crossed paths. I barely see them together in school. They each had their own different social circles but there was always a special bond between the two of them.

The first time I saw them talking was during Ryuu's sixteenth birthday. I remember there was full moon on that night and we had secretly set up a party for him in the school grounds. While I was chatting with some friends, I saw Hanezawa went up to him and handed him a gift. At that time, I thought she was just another girl confessing her feelings to him but to my surprise, Ryuu called me over and introduced me to her. It was also the first time I ever talked to Hanezawa. She looked small and shy back then.

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