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Memories and Chances Part 4

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“I personally think that anyone can fall in love with anybody. I don't know how to explain it properly but I just have that feeling. Everything is about understanding and acceptance. Most of the people who have high standards in choosing partners ended up with the exact opposite of what they wanted. One must open his or her eyes to see.”
Hanezawa threw me a look saying that I didn't exactly answer her question.
“So what's your answer?”
“If that had been the case, then I must say yes. I might have fallen in love with you.”
“You know what? You are so not real.” She said but then smiled.
“But thanks anyway. I've got my confidence back.”
She raised her glass and offered a toast. I accepted it.

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We didn't talk for a while after that. She had her eyes glued to the woman playing the piano and I was busy thinking about her last question. When she asked, I hadn't given it much thought and simply said what I was thinking. Her voice rang in my mind again.

“Would you ever fall in love with me?”

I thought of how Ryuu really felt about her. Did he ever see her as a girl and not just some friend? Sometimes, I thought he did. Whenever he was talking to Hanezawa, he had that certain smile that I didn't see when he was with others. It was as if he was fully opening himself up to her but then stopping at a particular point. Now that I thought about it, he seemed to be controlling himself whenever she was around. He was always showing off, goofing around but it was different with her. Something was always holding him back.

I chuckled as the truth dawned on me.

Hanezawa and Ryuu were the same. They were both cowards.

“I think Ryuu loved you.”

She didn't answer. I became worried and turned to see why. Somehow, I felt relieved. It was not that she didn't want to answer. She just couldn't do so. Hanezawa was off to dreamland.

“No way.”
I smiled hopelessly. Where should I take her? I didn't even know where she lived. I thought of her friend but she did not mention the location of her friend's apartment. I tried to look for her wallet but she didn't have one. I laughed again. She invited me for a drink without money? Not knowing what to do, I paid the bill and carried her on my back.

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I stood for a while at the bar as I tried to feel her weight. She was not as heavy as I expected. Her hair smelled nice too. I found myself staring unconsciously at her hands which were hanging in front of me. They were small and beautiful and resembled those of a pianist. I wondered if she can play the piano. Suddenly, an image flashed in my mind. Wait… Was it just déjà vu or did this scene happen before?

“Ryuu… once carried me like this too…” Hanezawa murmured even though she was asleep.

Something just didn't feel right. Something told me that what she had said wasn't right. Nevertheless, I went outside and hailed a taxi for the eighth and last time.


It was not Ryuu who carried her back home that night. It was me. I was sure of it. The memory returned to me after I carried Hanezawa on my back again and somehow, it felt good. It was as if it filled a space in my heart that has been empty for a long time. The memory was a long lost piece of me.

We were at Ryuu's house that night for a grand graduation party. Ryuu's parents came back from America and they thought they should hold a celebration. Ryuu came from a rich family. They owned a big furniture company that exports to different countries and I heard they were trying to enter the real estate business.

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