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Love Poems From The Heart
Gentle Heart

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Dear heart you are my comfort
In you alone I share
A little joy and happiness
In moments of despair

Your soft and gentle nature
In me often stirs
Moments of reproach
Or sweet kisses for your face

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In others I have seen
The mirror held up to me
They share my many flaws
That oft we end in claws

But you alone I wonder
How one comes to be
Like a child in this world
I find it hard to believe

Frustration that you do not see
Or feel the flaws
In me
And often I am left to wonder
What us two can be

Do you deserve a simple soul
No torment underneath
Who can share in all your joys
And drink to health and happiness?

Naïve at times you be
I doubt you think I am all
I only offer something that
You have not felt before

But we spend a time in passing
Warm our souls in winters midst
And passionate fire shall not consume
Us while we rest

I’ll show you the way I lost
I will not charge you any cost
But you choose to pay my fee
I wonder are you buying me
Or selling into slavery?

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I hope I keep you safe
Safe from misery
But only time will tell
And I fear the cost
Will always be with me.

Hilary Wheaton

Heart Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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