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Release Date: February 9, 2007

Runtime: 102 min

Language: English

Tagline: Have you ever made a really big mistake?

Director: Brian Robbins

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Who's In It:

Eddie Murphy as Norbit/Rasputia/Mr. Wong
Thandie Newton as Kate Thomas
Terry Crews as Big Jack Latimore

Soundtrack / Songs: Norbit - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2007

1. Standing in the Safety Zone -The Fairfield Four
2. It's Goin' Down - Yung Joc
3. You Did - Kate Joy Earl f/t The Designated Hitters
4. I Only Want To Be With You - Dusty Springfield
5. Milkshake - Kelis
6. Shoppin' For Clothes - The Coasters
7. Walk It Out - Unk
8. Looking For You - Kirk Franklin
9. Sweet Honey - Slightly Stoopid
10. The Hands Of Time - Perfect Circle
11. Young Norbit - David Newman
12. Queen Of Whores - David Newman
13. Kate Returns/Tuesday, Tuesday - David Newman
14. Norbit Sneaks Out - David Newman
15. Rasputia's Fury - David Newman
16. Norbit And Kate - David Newman

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Quotes From Norbit:

Big Jack: Norbit, let me talk to you for a second. Look, just so we clear: If you ever hurt my sister in any way, make her cry, even make her sad one time, I'm coming at you with razor blades and lemon juice. You hear me?
Norbit: Yes.
Big Jack: I'm talkin' pain, boy. Searing, mind-numbing pain.
Norbit: I understand.
Big Jack: You understand me?
Norbit: Yes, yes, yes.
Big Jack: All right. Welcome to the family.
Norbit: Thank you.

Norbit: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday...
Rasputia: Say tuesday again you ain?t gonna live to see Wednesday.

Mr. Wong: Remember, black people run very fast. But problem run faster.
Norbit: ...That's kinda racist.
Mr. Wong: Yes, Wong very racist. Don't like black. Don't like Jew either. But black and Jew love Chinese food. Go figure.


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