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Story What I Did For Love
Part 19 to 20

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Part 19

“What are you looking at?” asked Kyung Hee. Whew. I let out a sigh of relief.
“They’re here,” I whispered to her.
“Who?” she asked, looking over my shoulder.
“Oh. So you want to go serve them?” I shook my head quickly. Kyung Hee laughed.
“Okay. Don’t get so worked up, Mina. I’ll do it.” She took a waitress pad and headed over to their table. I remained in the corner watching them.
“Hi, my name is Kyung Hee and I’ll be your waitress today. May I take your order?” All the SechsKies members looked up to the pretty, young girl who had just approached them. Instantly Sung Hoon made the 2 girls on his lap move away. He looked up at Kyung Hee, giving her his best smile.
“I don’t know what I want for dinner, but do you want to be my dessert?” The other 5 Sechskies members laughed while Kyung Hee rolled her eyes.
“That’s so cute. Must have took you all day to think that one up huh?”
“Ooh,” shouted Ji Yong.
“This one has a mouth.” Sung Hoon just smiled.
“Feisty. I like it.” Then he pinched Kyung Hee’s side playfully. She moved away, glaring.
“Hey don’t touch me!”
“Come on babe. Go out with me. I’ll show you a good time.”
“Hell no!” Kyung Hee shouted back in his face. Then Ji Won stood up.
“Don’t talk to my friend like that,” he said in a low threatening voice.
“Or else I’ll have you fired.” Ji Won’s glare made Kyung Hee move back a little but she answered back anyway.
“You can’t fire me! I quit!” She handed Jae Jin her apron and pad and stomped over to me in the dark corner.
“Stupid, lousy jerks,” she whispered to me.
“I know,” I whispered back, patting her shoulder. Suddenly, I caught Ji Won staring at me. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just left.

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Part 20

Ji Won stared at the girl who was talking to Kyung Hee.
‘She looks like Mina,’ he thought.
‘But can’t be.’
“Hyung,” said Sung Hoon.
“What are you looking at?”
“Her,” said Ji Won, pointing in Kyung Hee’s and Mina’s direction.
“You like my waitress too?” asked Sung Hoon, pouting.
“No,” said Ji Won, shaking his head.
“Her friend. Doesn’t she look like Mina?” Sung Hoon glanced at the person Ji Won was pointing to and watched her walk away.
“No...” said Sung Hoon slowly.
“That girl’s hair is much longer and Mina has a nicer body. That chick looks like a stick.” Ji Won cocked an eyebrow at Sung Hoon.
“How do you know Mina had a nice body?” Sung Hoon’s eyes widened.
“I don't know... Just guessing... Ji Yong’s calling me. I’ll go see what he wants,” Sung Hoon said quickly and ran over to Ji Yong right away. Ji Won began to chase the girl who just left.

I heard some footsteps following behind me. I quickly turned a corner and entered my room.

Ji Won ran after her as fast as he could. He saw the girl turned into a corner and he continued chasing after her. He saw a figure up ahead and he grabbed her by the shoulder. When the girl turned around, she had a surprised expression on her face.
“What do you want?” Ji Won looked at the strange girl. She looked nothing like Mina.
“Wrong person.” The girl walked way. Ji Won sighed.
‘Maybe it’s because I miss Mina so much that I’m beginning to see her everywhere.’ He began to walk back to the lobby in dissapointment.

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From my hotel room, I watched Ji Won through the peephole in the door. I saw him pat a girl and then walked away with his head bowed down. I went over and sat down on my bed. I let out a sigh. Ji Won doesn’t miss me. He has too many girls with him already. He probably forgotten who I am by now. Tears fell from my eyes and I didn’t even realized it. I quickly wiped them away. I wanted to tell myself that I hate Ji Won but I couldn’t because then I’d just be lying. There was only one thing left for me to do. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror. I can’t be with Ji Won as Mina but I wanted to be by his side to watch over him. I thought about it for a while and I remembered that they were recruiting new members for Sechskies. I looked at myself. Hmm… If I cut my hair short, put on a cap, wear a pair of sunglasses, have darker skin and lower voice... I can pass off as a guy.

So I did it. Within an hour, I had transformed myself into a guy. I checked myself out. As a guy, I didn’t look too bad. I smoothed out my new short hair and tucked it into a cap. Guys wear earrings too so I didn’t have to worry about my earring holes. I wore a couple of T-shirts under my flannel and 2 pairs of boxers under my baggy jeans so I wouldn’t look so scrawny. I checked my make-up that made me looker darker, making sure I was well-covered. I put my sunglasses on.
‘Perfect’, I thought. Now all I have to do is to pass the test to join the gang.

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