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Part 29

Later that evening, Ji Won posted a note on my door telling me to meet him. It was 8 p.m. and I knocked the door to his room.
“Come in,” said Ji Won. I entered his room, not knowing what he was going to say.
“Follow me,” he ordered. He left the room and I followed him. He took me to the beach that was near our hotel. Then he walked over to a spot where there were two rocks side by side. I caught my breath. This looks exactly like our spot in Hawaii, I thought.
“Come here and sit next to me, Min Sung,” said Ji Won to me, patting the rock next to him. I sat down near him and closed my eyes as I breathed in the salty sea air. Ji Won began to study Min Sung.
‘He looks like Mina in a way,’ he thought.
‘Could he be Mina in another form?’ Ji Won didn’t believe in reincarnation but Min Sung was too much like Mina for him. He wanted to see if somehow Min Sung was Mina so he had to test him.
“Min Sung, you want to hear a story?”
“Sure,” said Min Sung eagerly.

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Ji Won smiled as he told his story.
“There was once this rich boy who came from a messed up family. He had no friends at all. Then one day he met this little girl who became his friend. She was really nice to him, unlike his family, so he began to adopt her as his dongsang.” Ji Won paused right there to see Min Sung’s reaction.

My smile faded when Ji Won began his story. He was talking about our life in Hawaii. Then I figured out he was testing me.
‘The respirator’, I thought.
‘I must have drained it when I used it so now he suspects me’. I steadied myself and tried my best to give no reaction.

Ji Won stared at Min Sung, who appeared to have no reaction to the story.
“Well what do you think?” Ji Won asked him.
“That’s a cute story, hyung,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. Ji Won continued.
“Do you know why he took extra care of his dongsang?” Min Sung shook his head no.
“It’s because she has this heart problem and needed this respirator to breathe.” He took out the respirator from his pocket and showed it to Min Sung. Again, no reaction.
“Poor girl,” said Min Sung.
“Yes, poor girl,” said Ji Won sadly.
“She died a few years later.” I looked at Ji Won sadly. I knew Ji Won felt bad because of my death but since I’m no one special to him, it wouldn’t matter if he knew the truth that Mina was still alive and with him right now. Then Ji Won took out a stone and handed me one. I rubbed the white marble stone for a while.
“Throw it,” he told me. I shook my head no. To me the stone was like a present so I didn’t throw it but simply kept it in my pocket. Ji Won threw his into the ocean. It skipped 3 times.
“Perfect,” he said.
“Why is it perfect?” I asked him. This time, I wanted to know the significance of the 3-skip.
“When the stone skips 3 times, it means 3 words. I love you.” I looked at Ji Won in an overwhelming joy. Did Ji Won love me? He had thrown the rock and it skipped 3 times many times before.
“So did the rich boy ever really loved his dongsang?” I asked Ji Won. Ji Won looked at me.
“Of course he does. He has a lot of brotherly love for her.”
“Oh,” I whispered softly. My heart began to ache. As Ji Won continued staring at the ocean, I began to walk home with a heavy heart. Ji Won began to shake his head.
‘Mina’s dead already so why am I denying my love for her?’ he thought to himself as he stared out to the ocean.
“Actually, Min Sung, the rich boy loved his dongsang the first day he met her but he’s such a weak person. He could never admit his feelings for her and just waited for her to say that she loves him first.”
Ji Won turned around and saw that Min Sung had left.
‘Oh well,’ he thought as he headed back to the hotel.

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Part 30

*Since some of you wanted to hear more about Sung Hoon and Kyung Hee, this chapter is a little side story.*
Sung Hoon woke up aching. He realized he was back at the Nam Hotel and in his room.
“How did I make it back here?” he asked himself. Then he realized he was wearing nothing but his boxers. His bathroom door suddenly opened and Kyung Hee came out from it.
“Hey!” he shouted as he pulled a blanket over to cover himself. Kyung Hee rolled her eyes.
“It’s too late for that. I’ve seen it all already,” she told him as she yanked the blanket away. Sung Hoon crossed his arms over his chest.
“So you took advantage of mewhile I was in my weak state?”
“So what if I did?” she snapped at him.
“That means you have to marry me and support me while I give birth to your child.” Kyung Hee couldn’t help but laugh. Sung Hoon smiled at her.
‘I guess he isn’t so bad,’ she thought.
“You know,” said Sung Hoon quietly.
“You didn’t have to diss me like that when you said you’ll go out with me.” Kyung Hee looked at him.
“I had to! You were such an arrogant jerk and you wouldn’t leave me alone.”
“Maybe it’s because I like you too much to leave you alone,” he replied back. Kyung Hee blushed a little and decided to change the subject.
“Give me your arm,” she said to him. Sung Hoon’s right arm was bleeding and Kyung Hee began to wash the wound.
“Ow!” he yelled in pain, pulling his arm back.
“That hurts.”
“Does it?” Kyung Hee asked him, concerned.
“I’m sorry.” She leaned over to blow on his cut. Sung Hoon stared at her the entire time. He felt warmth and shy being around her. He never felt this way for a girl before. She was nice to him and not dissing him like she usually does. He really liked the feeling. Kyung Hee gently placed his arm into a cast.
“There,” she said.
“All better.”
“You know,” said Sung Hoon softly.
“Everyone says kisses make boo-boos feel better and go away.”

When Kyung Hee was nursing Sung Hoon, she developed a liking for him and she realised that he had a nice body.
“Really?” she asked skeptically.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Why don’t you test it out then?” he smiled and challenged her.
“Maybe I will,” she said, flirting back.
“Where does it hurt?” Sung Hoon pointed to his knee. Kyung Hee kissed it. Then he pointed to his hand. She kissed it too. Slowly he pointed to his forehead which she also kissed. He worked his way down to his nose. Kyung Hee couldn’t help but laugh as she kissed his nose lightly. Sung Hoon’s nose was broken. Then he pointed to his lips. Kyung Hee was about to kiss it lightly but Sung Hoon held onto her tightly to make sure they press their lips together hard. Kyung Hee felt drawn to him so she didn’t push him away. He turned her over so she laid down on his bed with him on top of her.

His hand went under the back of her shirt and he stopped there. Kyung Hee continued kissing him and ran her fingers through his hair. Since she wasn’t stopping him, he was about to continue when…

*Knock Knock*
‘I’m going to kill that person,’ thought Sung Hoon as he broke off the kiss.
“Yeah? What is it?” he yelled.
“Matthew wants all of us to go down to the dining room for a meeting,” said Ji Yong.
“Okay, I’ll be there in 5 minutes!” Sung Hoon yelled back. When he heard footsteps of Ji Yong leaving, he kissed Kyung Hee once more.
“Sorry honey, I have to go but I’ll be right back.” Kyung Hee nodded and helped him into his clothes.

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