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Wedding Invitation for Sybil Jones

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My dearest Sybil

..and the rice
falls like lies..

On the eve that you wed
and eventually bed
this gentleMAN - poor, naive suitor

As he looks in your eyes
You do not see the lies
'Should I kiss or perhaps shoot her'

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His smile twists and curls
as you give one big hurl
and toss the bouquet

A symbol that you - are no longer YOU
You have forsaken everything that you knew
and tossed it all away.

Lies are now all covered up, with white satin sheets
A man is a man afterall, he will always lie and cheat
You see, HE gave you the perfect truth anesthesia
A wedded woman will from TRUTH have perfect amnesia

Your good work - lost - as you cross the threshold
A wonderful soul, no longer so wonderful to behold

So my offer stands, this one last chance
dwell with me here in my kindom
Where forever will we dance

From truth, angels dance on the head of a pin
I have a ballroom built on their lies and sin.

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And you - you will sit steadfast on my right side
First, Do to him what you've done to all that lied

And then a few pills, or a gentle slish - slash on your wrist
and here, you'll cross my threshold - and Ill greet you with a kiss.

Eagerly waiting your reply

Wedding Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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