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A Wedding Poem

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It took us both a lifetime,

This is in order to arrive at this present time...
Slowly, we both walked down that long awaited isle,
Now it's hand in hand together...
For when I look into your beautiful eyes,

Suddenly, then I see my future...

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A future that's filled with both blessing and promise,
With this one solemn vow that we both had taken together...
Along with a lifetime that's filled,
With melodic happy endeavor's...

My ring for you is a symbol of everlasting love,
As if a white dove was released...
Into the heaven's above !
Let us long to recapture,

Our true love toward one another...
As if a beacon of light to a hurting world in need.
I'll gladly share a red rose
As we meet hand in hand...

Just then a tear drop fell from my cheek,
Along with a very soft love embrace...
This only a chosen few would treasure,
What will slow us from this amazing endeavor ?

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All those hater's !
For what do they really matter ?
When our love spring pours out together...
Let us never depart from one another,

truly to the bitter end !

Mario William Vitale

Wedding Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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