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Wedding Poems And Readings
For Your Wedding Day

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A special message from within a day

you become one in heart, soul, and spirit..

Marriage is not to be taken lightly,

its key shall unlock the universe of

knowledge, wisdom and peace,

love and understanding shall blossom,

and the tree shall grow as long as you grow.

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Confusion is not what makes the nail sharp,

it makes the sky dark without

a ray of light to show the way of truth,

so when all seem hopeless,

remember your life is just beginning

to understand the meaning of unselfishness.


Marriage is devotion and deep respect,

and that unselfish light that was dark,

now is growing into the tree of truth and knowledge,

true connection is the blossoms of the tree

that is growing deeper and reaching higher

touching the face of God.


As your journey begins,

may you always hold each other,

like the next breath your about to take,

may each handful never be too much to handle,

and each thought in anger,

never last longer than your next thirty thoughts..

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Your poem written for your marriage is true

it takes wisdom to know

how to make a loving marriage loving,

a knowing partner trusting,

and a life together, not a chore,

but a pleasure..

God bless you both on your wedding day!



Wedding Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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