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The American President


Release Date: November 17, 1995

Runtime: 114 min

Language: English

Tagline: Why can't the most powerful man in the world have the one thing he wants most?

Director: Rob Reiner

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Who's In It:

Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd
Annette Bening as Sydney Ellen Wade
Martin Sheen as A.J. MacInerney
Michael J. Fox as Lewis Rothschild
Anna Deavere Smith as Robin McCall
Samantha Mathis as Janie Basdin
Shawna Waldron as Lucy Shepherd
David Paymer as Leon Kodak
Richard Dreyfuss as Senator Bob Rumson
Nina Siemaszko as Beth Wade

Soundtrack / Songs: The American President: Original Score From The Motion Picture - Marc Shaiman

1. Main Titles From 'The American President'
2. Call Me Andy
3. I Like Her
4. It`s Meatloaf Night
5. The First Kiss
6. The Slow Down Plan
7. The Morning After/ Meet The Press
8. Politics As Usual
9. Never Have An Airline Strike At Christmas
10. 'I Have Dreamed' (The State Dinner)
11. Camp David
12. Gathering Votes
13. Make The Deal
14. Decisions
15. President Shepherd
16. End Titles

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Quotes From The American President:

A. J. MacInerney: Excuse me, sir, where are you going?
President Andrew Shepherd: I'm going over to her house. I'm going to stand outside her door until she let's me in, and I'm not leaving 'til I get her back.
A. J. MacInerney: How are you going to do that, sir?
President Andrew Shepherd: Well, I haven't worked that out yet, but I'm sure groveling will be involved.

Sydney Ellen Wade: Mr. President, you've got bigger problems than losing me. You just lost my vote.

Sydney Ellen Wade: How'd you finally do it?
President Andrew Shepherd: Do what?
Sydney Ellen Wade: Manage to give a woman flowers and be president at the same time?
President Andrew Shepherd: Well, it turns out I've got a rose garden.

Sydney Ellen Wade: Oh, Andy, a C minus in Women's Studies.
President Andrew Shepherd: Yeah, well, that class wasn't about what I thought it was about.

Lewis Rothschild: Who're we calling, sir?
President Andrew Shepherd: I'm calling the organization of the United Brotherhood of It's None of Your Damn Business, Lewis. I'll be with you in a second.


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