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Abortion in Ears Part 2

Abortion in Ears Part 1 | 2


"My neighbour advised me to go to one of those chaps who sit by the roadside."
"You mean that pin man?"
This neighbour of hers seemed to be a very dangerous man. Besides using pins, he was sending her to such quacks.
"You were wise not to heed his advice."
"But I tried his other advice. He told me to put warm oil inside and wait. However, that also did not work."
This was getting more and more bizarre. Her neighbour deserved to be locked up either in a padded cell or a barred one.

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"But have you taken your husband's permission?"
Now the patient looked confused.
"Do I have to take my husband's permission? He is working in Dubai if you need his signature. We were not able to meet for the last one year."
It was my turn to be shocked. I gave a sly smirk. It was one of 'those' cases. The pin-wielding neighbour seemed to me the usual suspect. I reassured her.
"No! No! The husband's signature is not at all needed."
"However, I did inform him on phone."
Her husband seemed to me a very broad-minded fellow. I didn't know whether to congratulate her or to commiserate with her. Hence, I hastily turned to other aspects.

"It’s good that you came a bit early."
"Actually I wanted to come early in the morning but I had some other work."
"Oh! I did not mean early today. I meant that if you had delayed this removal, it would have started moving. Then, it would have developed a heartbeat."

The patient was staring at me with eyes wide as if watching a horror movie. Looking at her face, I decided that she was not fit to listen to the grotesque details. I decided to relieve her a bit.
I said, "You will bleed a bit, but only for a few days."
By now, the poor patient was trembling, "How-H-How much bleeding?"
"Oh, only slightly more than your menstrual period and it will continue only for a week or so."

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By now the patient was clutching her hair in her fingers and staring at me with eyes wide.
I asked her soothingly, "Why don't you lie down on the examination table? Remove your clothes and relax."

This was the final straw. She didn't even wish me goodbye. I just saw a blur of motion leaving my consulting room at top speed.

By Dr Kishore Shah

Abortion in Ears Part 1 | 2


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