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Poetry On Love
A Take on Love

Poems On Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


Love is an infinite wonder
Love is all things beautiful
Love can make a day seem bright
Love is magical and mystical

From a mother's love to a lover's
It's a journey that is most grand
And all the love found in between
Helps us to better understand

Love is giving and sharing your heart
Telling someone, in them, you believe
It's being honest, loyal and truthful
No hidden agendas up your sleeve

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There should be no secrets kept hidden
There's nothing about you they don't know
And you know everything about them too
From their head down to their toes

True love's been said to break barriers
For you are accepted unconditionally
With a concept like that going on
You just can't be anything but happy

To have someone you can count on
Twenty-four hours each and every day
It's a feeling that is most inexplicable
To have someone care for you in that way

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Love is fun and it's sweet and tender
From holding hands to a lover's embrace
Even from a friend, a sister or a brother
And from God given with holy grace

There are all kinds of love to be found
There are all kinds of love to be had
Love shared with your pet companions
Can make you feel all fuzzy and glad

Love is nothing to be feared or afraid of
It can bring a better quality of life to you
If you've not known love, you should try it
Give yourself a break, try something new

Love is an eternal gift that keeps on giving
It should be cherished, forever treasured
No restraints nor limits should be placed
Love is a blessing, it cannot be measured

Adele Kaye

Poems On Love Part 1 | 2 | 3

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