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Sad Poems On Love
Lies Of My Heart

Poems On Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


Maybe you think I’m living this life genial

But you’ve never realized the truth

Truth that I still love you behind the denials

The shadows of love covering my heart’s hurt

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All you can see in the yonder

Is that I don’t care and I’m selfish

That I’m just a woman that don’t love any better

Or a girl that loves the least


Look at me and you will see

In my eyes you’ll find beyond

That I’m not that kind you think I’d be

Listen to me and you’ll hear

The sobbing of my heart moaning with plea


Who am I to repeat the past

To fix all that had been torn

To heal the heart sored by thorn

And cleanse the heart filled with lust

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All I could do is turn back and cry

Sitting here and write this letter of regret

Believing so long of my heart’s lies

Lies that stop me from foreseeing the truth

And heal this heart crying in agony


Reciel Tanaid

Poems On Love Part 1 | 2 | 3

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