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Poems For Husband From Wife
To My Husband In Heaven

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Today I wonder will your spirit come and visit me
It would have been our wedding Anniversary
But tonight I`m sitting here all alone
A few months ago, Jesus called you home

Your voice is on the answering machine on the phone
I left it there so when I`m out I can call here at home
And I can still hear your voice and it`s so clear
Saying this is Robert, It`s as if you`re still here

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But when I return home and put my key in the door
And go in , it`s not like it was before
There`s no lights on, You`re not there
You`re not sitting on the couch or in your chair

It`s dark and seems so empty and so lonely
Tonight dear could your spirit come to visit me
I`m sitting here listening to our favorite song
Together maybe we could sing along

We met so young and knew from the start
That we loved each other with all our heart
We were sweethearts for 6 years, Before we wed
Then on that beautiful July day our I do`s was said

Our wedding day, We finally became husband and wife
From that day on we have shared a wonderful life
Had a beautiful family, One daughter, One son
And grandchildren too, Together we had lots of fun

We shared much laughter, We shared many tears
Shared our joy and Shared all of our fears
When one was hurting the other hurt too
I loved sharing most of my life with you

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Now I sit and cry at times, Because I miss you so
I know you did`nt want to leave, Yet you had to go
But I just wish you could visit here tonight
Even if it`s just your spirit , That will be all right

For we were so close I`d know that you are here
I could feel your touch , And I`d have no fear
Even if I could`nt see you ,I`d love for you to visit me
Tonight what should have been our 38th Wedding Anniversary

By Libra

Poems For Husband Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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