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Love Poems For Husband
To My Loving Husband And Soulmate

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You are my loving husband
and beautiful soulmate
to kiss me darling,
let me gaze into your
beautiful eyes so blue

Our love over the years
has each day been
blessed from the heavens
with so much love

Take my hand sweetheart,
lets dance upon
the fluffy cloud high above

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You are my heartbeat each day
that always beats so tender and strong
You are my melody of love
that plays such a beautiful song
You are the sunshine
when there is rain
You are the love of my life,
my beautiful husband and soulmate each day

We have been blessed with our children
that we have had along the way
Our love over the years has
remained strong and very deep

Come take my hand darling,
let me slow dance with you
For you are my beautiful angel,
you are my heartbeat each and every day
Let me hold you so close to me
as I take you into my loving arms for awhile
Just slow dancing to Annie's Song
gazing into your beautiful eyes
as you warmly smile
For you are my soulmate and loving husband

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Sweetheart our love is lasting and true for all of eternity,
I deeply love and adore you
Take my hand in yours darling,
lets dance high above upon the cloud so white
Softly kissing you as we slow dance together,
holding one another so cuddly and tight

I love you my darling angel and soulmate


Poems For Husband Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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