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My Husband

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Each morning I wake to him whispering my name.

I fall asleep in his arms each night just the same.

We talk for hours every single day,

Since summer it has always been this way.

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His love for me is so precious and true.

He makes every day come alive like new.

The passionate love he gives is not as before.

When we say good night he leaves me longing for more.


Our two month anniversary is not so far.

He loves his one true princess of far away star.

Each day I love him more than words can say,

He is my heart, my eyes, my life always.


My husband gave me his love from the start.

Together we exchanged keys to our hearts.

I love you my darling you are my one true love,

A pure romance blessed with love from heaven above.

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Written for my husband Sajid.

Bella Russell

Poems For Husband Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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