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My Happy Ending Part 2

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


>>>>>> Fast Forward >>>>>>

I was twenty-six years old and single when she graduated from her studies in Australia and was back in Singapore for work. She was also single at that time. However, after being good friends for a long time, we decided to proceed slowly and just chill out normally. However this time, things were different. Sparks flew and we eventually became an item.

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>>>>>> Fast Forward >>>>>>

We spent a year dating. It was fabulous. We did not have any disagreements and arguments. There was a mutual understanding, faith, trust and communication between us. I could feel a strong bond between us. I proposed to her on 07/07/07. I was twenty-seven years old.

>>>>>> Fast Forward >>>>>>

We filed for our registry of marriage a year later when I was twenty-eight years old. It was followed by a customary wedding dinner together in a simple, but beautiful wedding reception at the gardens of Beaufort Resort, with a live string band playing in the background. It was a very exciting year for us. We actually joined Mediacorp's "A Wedding Affair" competition where eight couples competed for the top prize of twenty thousand dollars. Although we did not win the top prize, we won other things. We won great friends and more importantly, a deeper understanding of each other mindsets. We knew we were ready for the road ahead as we were able to complement each other's shortfall.

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We spent time together overseeing the renovations on our new nest, shopping for furnishings in the “Home” section of departmental stores such as CK Tangs and Takashimaya. These are activities I never liked doing in the past but they became enjoyable when we do it together.

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


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