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My Happy Ending Part 3

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


>>>>>> Fast Forward >>>>>>

Before I knew it, we were married for a year. In the past year, we went to Japan, Thailand and USA, our most recent trip. Our house was featured in the newspaper, The Straits Times and we had the article proudly framed on our walls.

She has been a doting and caring wife throughout the year. She managed the household admirably and was also successful in her workplace. She was recently promoted to the position of manager of her department. I felt very proud and happy for her.

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We never imagined that we would ever get together in the past although we always had feelings for each other then. There were always too many challenges and obstacles. However, we concluded that things happened for a reason and it was probably a good thing that we didn’t end up together then, because we would have changed and grown so much that we probably wouldn’t be together today.

We have proven that the internet is not only for flings but also for serious relationships. We have also proven that patience is a virtue and those that are patient with relationships will be rewarded in time. Ultimately, we believe that it was Fate that brought us together. I'm happy for that. Fate has found me a wife that is my friend, my buddy and my soul mate.

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------ Yesterday ------
It was a day spent intimately with lots of celebrations. I planned a lot of surprises for her with our friends and family. She shed tears of joy as we celebrated two joyous occasions together. It was my wife's birthday and also our one year wedding anniversary.

I love you, dear. Always had and always will…

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


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