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Married Life


Release Date: March 7, 2008

Runtime: 90 min

Language: English

Tagline: Do you know what really goes on in the mind of the person with whom you sleep?

Director: Ira Sachs

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Who's In It:

Pierce Brosnan as Richard Langley
Patricia Clarkson as Pat Allen
Rachel McAdams as Kay Nesbitt
Chris Cooper as Harry Allen
Annabel Kershaw as Miss Jones
Sheila Paterson as Mrs. Walsh
David Richmond-Peck as Tom
Erin Boyes as Becky

Soundtrack / Songs: Married Life - Various Artists - Soundtrack - 2008

1. All We Do For Love - Dickon Hinchliffe
2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Doris Day
3. Kay Arrives - Dickon Hinchliffe
4. Waltz - Dickon Hinchliffe
5. Intuition Marriage - Dickon Hinchliffe
6. You Turned You Back On Me - Jay McShann
7. Bathtub - Dickon Hinchliffe
8. Harry Speeds Home - Dickon Hinchliffe
9. The Breakup - Dickon Hinchliffe
10. He Decides To Kill Her - Dickon Hinchliffe
11. Black Train Blues - Jay McShann
12. Brutus Is Dead - Dickon Hinchliffe
13. Harry Calls Home - Dickon Hinchliffe
14. All Night Long - Johnny Otis Orchestra
15. Harry Was The Most Noble Man - Dickon Hinchliffe
16. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Kay Starr

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Quotes From Married Life:

Harry Allen: For Pat love means only one thing.
Richard Langley: What is that?
Pat Allen: Sex – all the rest of it, the romantic dreams, the self-deception, what you always call 'the wish to give and give,' Harry – it all boils down to bed. Love is sex! The rest is affection and companionship.
Harry Allen: You're completely and utterly wrong.
Pat Allen: You're a romantic and sentimental fool. If you don't want the truth, you shouldn't ask me questions. (Pause) But I do love you, darling, really.


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