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Release Date: June 4, 2010

Runtime: 100 min

Language: English

Tagline: One Day Is A Enough For You!

Director: Robert Luketic

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Who's In It:

Katherine Heigl as Jen Kornfeldt
Ashton Kutcher as Spencer Aimes
Katheryn Winnick as Vivian
Rob Riggle as Henry
Kevin Sussman as Mac Bailey
Larry Joe Campbell as Pete Denham
Casey Wilson as Kristen
Lisa Ann Walter as Olivia
Mary Birdsong as Jackie Vallero
Letoya Luckett as Amanda
Ric Reitz as Dougie Vollero

Soundtrack / Songs: Killers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists -2010

1. Beauty In The World - Macy Gray
2. Under The Sun - Salvador Santana
3. Cat and Mouse - Nikki & Rich
4. Ooh La La - The Faces
5. A Moment - Bitter:Sweet
6. I Don't Believe - Rox
7. Bon Bon Bon - Vanessa Contenay-Quinones
8. Montego Sunset - Menahan Street Band
9. Scuba Sneak and Shopping - Rolfe Kent
10. I'm Gonna Kill Him - Rolfe Kent
11. Even The UPS Guy - Rolfe Kent
12. Arriving In Nice - Rolfe Kent
13. Falling In Bed - Rolfe Kent
14. Elevator Attraction - Rolfe Kent
15. New Home Office - Rolfe Kent
16. Killers Suite - Rolfe Kent

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Quotes From Killers:

Mrs. Kornfeldt: Excuse me, Stewardess? Three chardonnays, please.
Mr. Kornfeldt: None for me, actually. I like to stay awake and alert.
Jen Kornfeldt: None for me, either.
Mrs. Kornfeldt: Okay, so, just the three chardonnays then.

Jen Kornfeldt: Really? You wanna poke mama bear right now, that seems like a good idea?

Jen Kornfeldt: How weird is this going to get? Because some things you cannot unsee.


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