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Army Girlfriend Quotes

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God chose the strongest women and made their match a soldier.

Im his princess and he's my soldier

Distance is not for the fearful.
It is for the bold.
It is for those whom are
willing to spend a lot of time apart,
in exchange for
a little time with the one they love.
It is for those who know
a good thing when they see it,
even when they dont see it nearly enough.

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My boyfriend is at war
so yours doesn't have to be drafted.

Who needs Prince Charming?
When You are in Love with a Soldier!

Being an army girlfriend is my superpower

Army wife… the H.E.R. in HERO.

I left Ken for G.I Joe

Screw the shining armor
- I'll take my man in dirty camo!

my hero doesn't wear
a cape of tights or have superpowers
and he cant lift cars
but he fights to defend this country
and that is enough for me.

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I may wear the glass slippers,
but my hero wears the combat boots.

If you're dating a soldier, raise your glass..
if you're not, raise your standards!

A soldier doesn't fight
because he hates what is in front of him...
A soldier fights
because he loves what he left behind.

I am part of the army, I am a military girlfriend.
I laugh and cry all the time, this is my life.
Most don't understand and their is no need to explain,
I am just simply standing behind my man.
Sure, he is countries away, but there is nothing I can do.
If you loved a soldier, maybe you would understand too.
Trusting that two soldiers won't knock at the door you lie on the couch,
weeping some more.Waiting by the telephone, desiring his call,
wishing it were behind you before the tears start to fall.

God bless my Soldier,
and keep him safe for me,
Whether in the air,
on land or on the sea.
God bless my Soldier,
and bring him safely home,
Guide my letters to him,
so he won't feel alone.
God bless my Soldier
when I'm not by his side... more?

You give me a million reasons why I shouldn't do this...
I'll give you one reason why I do. I love my soldier.

Army wife… the toughest job in the military.

Girlfriend Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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