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Children Of A Lesser God


Release Date:October 3, 1986

Runtime: 119 min

Language: English / American Sign Language

Tagline: Love has a language all of its own.

Director: Randa Haines

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Who's In It:

William Hurt as James Leeds
Marlee Matlin as Sarah Norman
Piper Laurie as Mrs. Norman
Philip Bosco as Dr. Curtis Franklin
John F. Cleary as Johnny
Philip Holmes as Glen
Georgia Ann Cline as Cheryl
Bob Hiltermann as Orin

Soundtrack / Songs: Children Of A Lesser God: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Michael Convertino - 1990

1. Main Title
2. Silence And Sound
3. Sarah Sleeping
4. Rain-Pool
5. Underwater Love
6. On The Ferry
7. James & Sarah
8. Goodnight
9. Boomerang
10. Forgiveness/Winter Into Spring
11. Bach's Double Concerto In D Minor For Violins Second Movement-'Largo Ma Non Tanto'
12. Searching For Sarah
13. Love On The Couch
14. James Alone On The Pier
15. Joined
16. End Title

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Quotes From For Children Of A Lesser God:

Dr. Curtis Franklin: Yelling at the back of a deaf person, very good James.

James Leeds: Sex was always something I could do as well as hearing girls. Better.

James Leeds: You are the most mysterious, beautiful, angry person I have ever met... I am falling in l - - Sarah. Sarah! I am falling into the pool with you!


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