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Closing The Ring


Release Date: December 28, 2007

Runtime:118 min

Language: English

Tagline: Discover the love of a lifetime

Director: Richard Attenborough

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Who's In It:

Mischa Barton as Young Ethel Ann
Gregory Smith as Young Jack
Shirley MacLaine as Ethel Ann
Christopher Plummer as Jack
Stephen Amell as Teddy Gordon
Brenda Fricker as Grandma Reilly
Martin McCann as Jimmy Reilly
Pete Postlethwaite as Michael Quinlan
John Travers as Young Quinlan
David Alpay as Chuck
Neve Campbell as Marie

Soundtrack / Songs: Closing The Ring - Amy Pearson, Nicholas Dodd - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 2008

1. Closing The Ring Main Titles - Nicholas Dodd
2. Jimmy - Nicholas Dodd
3. Explosion - Nicholas Dodd
4. The Wedding - Nicholas Dodd
5. Memorabilia - Nicholas Dodd
6. The Blitz - Nicholas Dodd
7. Closing The Ring - Nicholas Dodd
8. Airmen - Nicholas Dodd
9. On Black Mountain - Nicholas Dodd
10. Ethel Ann and Teddy - Nicholas Dodd
11. Jimmy Interrogated - Nicholas Dodd
12. A Lifetime Of Regret - Nicholas Dodd
13. Chuck Confesses - Nicholas Dodd
14. Day Of Infamy - Nicholas Dodd
15. The Ring Revealed - Nicholas Dodd
16. The Pact - Nicholas Dodd
17. It Was My Turn To Die - Nicholas Dodd
18. B-17 Down - Nicholas Dodd
19. Lost Without Your Love (Radio Mix) - Amy Pearson

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Quotes From Closing The Ring:

Marie: Everybody needs to talk.
Jack: No, honey, everbody needs to cry. And your mother never did.

Young Ethel Ann: I will always love you Teddy. I'll be yours till the day I die, I swear.

Young Jack: You got your love. You got her, and you gave her away!
Teddy Gordon: I did not give her to anyone!

Ethel Ann: I was 21 years old. My life was over.
Marie: 21? Mom that was before you married Daddy, before I was born. What happened?
Ethel Ann: It's none of your business


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