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Release Date: November 9, 2001

Runtime: 117 min

Language: English

Tagline: A Player Who's About To Be Played.

Director: Reginald Hudlin

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Who's In It:

Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham
Robin Givens as Jacqueline 'Jackie/Jack' Broyer
Halle Berry as Angela Lewis
David Alan Grier as Gerard Jackson
Martin Lawrence as Tyler
Chris Rock as Bony T
Tisha Campbell as Yvonne
Lela Rochon as Christie

Soundtrack / Songs: Boomerang: Original Soundtrack Album - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1992

1. Give U My Heart - Toni Braxton
2. It's Gonna Be Alright - Charlie Wilson
3. Tonight Is Right - Keith Washington
4. I'd Die Without You - P.M. Dawn
5. 7 Day Weekend - Grace Jones
6. End Of The Road - Boyz II Men
7. Reversal Of A Dog - The LaFace Cartel
8. Love Shoulda Brought You Home - Toni Braxton
9. There U Go - Johnny Gill
10. Don't Wanna Love You - Shanice
11. Feels Like Heaven - Kenny Vaughan & 'The Art Of Love'
12. Hot Sex - A Tribe Called Quest

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Quotes From Boomerang:

Angela: What do you know about love? What could you possibly know about love You know, I'm sick and tired of men using love as if it's some disease you just catch. Love should have brought your ass home last night.

Bony T: Hey Marcus, I been working here about 8 days, been on time most of the time even when it rains. Don't you think it's about time we talk promotion?

Jacqueline: When I seduce you... if I decide to seduce you, don't worry. You'll know.


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