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Romantic Bedtime Story
Blue Summer Part 4

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“How are you?” He asked.
He is trying to change the topic and I understand the reason completely.
“I’m doing fine. I’m now a medical technologist. I have a job offering in California.”
“Great. What about your family?”
“They are fine and because of my work, we decided to stay in California.”

We continued our conversation and there was no doubt that I still love this man. We searched for food on the island everyday and he took care of me. We stayed there for a week and my feelings for him became stronger. I was about to confess my feelings again but a rescuer found us and brought us back to civilization.

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- After A Week -

I am now sitting at the same place where I first saw him by the river. It’s been a week since the rescuer found us. I have not seen Luke ever since. He didn’t call either. I thought there was a possibility that he doesn’t want to see me anymore. What happened on the island could just be a coincidence. He could be running away from what happened to him with Katherine. Just when I was lost in my thoughts, a voice came out from nowhere

“Hi! It’s me again, just like the first time.”
“Yeah, I recognize your voice. This time, I am not shocked. Why are you here?”
“I just want to tell you something that you never knew. I was supposed to tell you this on that island but the rescuer found us.”
“Why didn’t you show up right after that day?”
“I was not yet ready for this. Listen carefully, Anne. I fell in love with you on that island. Yes, I love you.”
I sobbed as tears streamed down my face.
“Do you love me because I am a resemblance of her?”
“Of course not! I love you for who you are. Please believe me, I love you!”

He bends his knees and tries to convince me that his love is true. I believe him. I can see the sincerity in his beautiful eyes. I held his hands and signaled him to stand. He hugged and kissed me. I told him my feelings for him were still the same as before and I still love him.

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After being together for a month, we decided to get married. We love each other so much and it is not because of my resemblance to his past but because of our love for each other. After some years, we had two kids and settled our family down near the river where we first met, near the very special spot to the both of us.

By Flomi Dela Cruz
This story is dedicated to Queedary

Blue Summer Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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