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Short Bedtime Story
Blue Summer Part 2

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“Luke!” I shouted excitedly.
He glanced at me and smilingly said, “Anne, I have something to tell you. My girlfriend, Katherine came home from her summer vacation. We talked about something important - getting married. I proposed to her last week and she accepted my proposal. We are getting married next month.”

I was shocked by the words that came out from his mouth. I felt horrible. My world seemed to be falling apart. I didn’t even know that he has a girlfriend. I was broken and my heart was bleeding.

“Hey! Are you okay? I’m sorry for not telling you that I have a girlfriend. I love her so much.” He said.

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My senses came back upon hearing his voice. I want to cry in front of him and ask why he loves her and not me. However, I was afraid of telling him the truth.

Hence I simply said, “Oh. I’m okay. I am shocked because you didn’t tell me about your girlfriend. Nevertheless, I’m happy for you.”
“You’re so good to me. I consider you as my little sister that’s why I’m inviting you to be with us at our wedding. Would you be the bridesmaid?” He asked me.
“I can’t promise you anything. However, I will try. Luke, I have something to do at home. I will just leave you here. Be happy with her. Have lots of kids. Take care of her.” I replied.
“Okay then. See you soon.”

I ran away from him. I hid my tears from the one I love. I didn’t want him to see me crying. I love him so deeply but I was hurt by the unexpected news from him. I went directly to my bed and cried the whole day. At the end of the day, my mother came to my door.
“Anne, Luke is waiting for you outside.”
“Mom, just tell him go. I don’t want to talk to anybody. I want to be alone and I’m not feeling well.”
“Anne, are you okay? Is there something bothering you?”
“Nope. I just want to rest. I’m tired.”

The days passed. I remember the pain every time I go to the spot where I first met him. I am broken because of him. I only have two weeks before my classes start again. I decided to go back to Italy where I will continue to pursue my dream. However before that, I will drop by to tell him how I feel. I called him and requested to see him.

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“Luke, I have something to tell you. I’m going back to Italy. I will continue to study.” I said nervously.
“Is that so? Well God bless. I will just call you when you’re there.”
“Listen, Luke. I have to tell you something about me.”
“What is it?”
“I’m in love. I found him this summer. I fell for him easily.”
“Who is the lucky guy?”
“Luke, the lucky guy is you!”
“Are you kidding? But how?”
“I don’t know but believe me; I’m totally in love with you! Please choose me. I don’t think I survive without you.”
“But I love you like a little sister. I can’t love you like Katherine! She’s the one I love!”
“I’m sorry.”

Blue Summer Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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