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Wise Quotes About Love

Wise Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


To be wise and love
exceeds man's might.

Love isn't such a scary thing,
unless you use it unwisely.

There may be many people
that are trustworthy,
but only a few are worth trusting
with your heart; choose wisely.

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Love is all fun and games
until someone loses an eye
or gets pregnant.

Only the weak of heart will fall for love.
Only the ignorant of mind will seek it.
Only the wise will ignore it.

Wisdom and love have
nothing to do with each other.
Wisdom is staying alive, survival.
You’re wise if you don’t
stick your finger in the light plug.
Love - you’ll stick your finger in anything.

The wise are wise
only because they love.
The fool are fools
only because they think
they can understand love.

Love puts all logic to sleep,
otherwise, we wouldn't risk it.

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He who is in love is wise
and is becoming wiser,
sees newly everytime
he looks at the object beloved,
drawing from it with his eyes
and his mind those virtues
which it possesses.

Love is only love when
you have someone to share it with,
otherwise it's a feeling that can
haunt you the rest of your life
until you find the right person
to give your love to!

Wise Love Quotes Part 1 | 2

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