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The Wings Of The Dove


Release Date:November 7, 1997

Runtime: 102 min

Language: English

Tagline: A couple with everything but money. An heiress with everything but love. A temptation no one could resist.

Director: Iain Softley

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Who's In It:

Helena Bonham Carter as Kate Croy
Linus Roache as Merton Densher
Alison Elliott as Millie Theale
Charlotte Rampling as Aunt Maude
Elizabeth McGovern as Susan 'Susie' Stringham
Michael Gambon as Lionel Croy, Kate's Father
Alex Jennings as Lord Mark

Soundtrack / Songs: Wings Of The Dove: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture - Edward Shearmur - 1997

1. Underground
2. Rendezvous
3. Social Contract
4. Venice
5. Carnival Masque
6. Tryst
7. Courtship
8. Betrayal
9. The Wings Of the Dove

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Quotes From For The Wings Of The Dove:

Millie Theale: Do you think he loves you?
Kate Croy: God? I hope not.

Kate: Every time she smiles, remember that I love you more.

Merton: I wish I had wings of the dove so I could fly away.


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