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The Secret Of My Success


Release Date: April 10, 1987

Runtime: 111 min

Language: English

Tagline: There's no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks.

Director: Herbert Ross

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Who's In It:

Michael J. Fox as Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield
Helen Slater as Christy Wills

Soundtrack / Songs: The Secret Of My Success: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1987

1. The Secret Of My Success - Night Ranger
2. Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First - Pat Benetar
3. I Burn For You - Danny Peck/Nancy Shanks
4. Riskin' A Romance - Bananarama
5. Gazebo - David Foster
6. The Price Of Love - Roger Daltrey
7. Water Fountain - David Foster
8. Don't Ask The Reason Why - Restless Heart
9. 3 Themes - Daivd Foster
10. Heaven & The Heartaches - Taxxi

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Quotes From The Secret Of My Success :

Jean: I was having fun on this job! You had all this energy, and all these crazy ideas... and you kept taking your pants off.

Brantley Foster:Some of this stuff doesn't make any sense. They send requisitions through two departments to get procurements for a third. What kind of thinking is that?
Fred Melrose: That's suit thinking. Something happens to a man when he puts on a necktie. Cuts off all the oxygen to his brain.

Brantley Foster: All right, listen up. If there are any bugs in here, or rats, or anything that has more legs than I do, you just stay on your side of the room, okay? I'll stay on mine. I should warn you, I'm packing an iron.

Howard Prescott: What you are doing in here?
Vera Prescott who is half naked: Feeling romantic...
Howard Prescott: Oh. What's for dinner?
Vera Prescott: Ohh, Howard! You really know how to sweep a girl back onto her feet.


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