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The Edge of Love


Release Date: March 13, 2009

Runtime: 110 min

Language: English

Tagline: The only thing more dangerous than war... is love.

Director: John Maybury

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Who's In It:

Keira Knightley as Vera Phillips
Sienna Miller as Caitlin MacNamara
Cillian Murphy as William Killick
Matthew Rhys as Dylan Thomas

Soundtrack / Songs: The Edge of Love - Soundtrack - Angelo Badalamenti - 2009

1. Lovers Lie Abed
2. Overture/Blue Tahitian Moon
3. Underground Shelter
4. Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
5. After The Bombing/Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
6. A Stranger Has Come
7. Fire To The Stars
8. Careless Talk
9. Careless Love
10. Love Me
11. Careless Talk
12. Drifting And Dreaming
13. Home Movies
14. Under Fire
15. Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much
16. Vera Begs Dylan
17. Vera's Theme
18. Holding Rowatt
19. Careless Love
20. Caitlin's Theme

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Quotes From The Edge of Love:

Caitlin MacNamara: My first was Augustus John. He seduced me when I was 15 the old goat. It doesn't mean anything, fucking. It isn't love. I get an itch, it's gotta be scratched. I do it myself when I'm too lazy. Why bother when you can get someone else to do it for you?
Vera Phillips: Nothing to do with love, fucking?
Caitlin MacNamara: Uh-uh. Nothing. Who was your first?
Vera Phillips: What?
Caitlin MacNamara: You don't need to tell me, I know it was Dylan.
Vera Phillips: We were kids. Tent, fire, and a beach blanket.
Caitlin MacNamara: Nice and comfy then.
Vera Phillips: Children, still innocent.
Caitlin MacNamara: We are still innocent, me and Dylan.
Vera Phillips: I only want it as a memory. I don't want it back.
Caitlin MacNamara: Does William know? Don't ever tell him. I can forgive the past, he won't. The past I can forgive.
Vera Phillips: You're warning me.

Caitlin MacNamara: Touch her and I'll kill you.
Dylan Thomas: Caitlin's territory, is it?
Caitlin MacNamara: Caitlin's friend.

William Killick: No harm will ever come to you. Not from me, not from anyone else. And while I'm here, no word of mine will ever hurt you.
Vera Phillips: Sounds like a vow.


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