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The Blue Lagoon


Release Date: June 20, 1980

Runtime: 140 min

Language: English

Tagline: A story of natural love.

Director: Randal Kleiser

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Who's In It:

Brooke Shields as Emmeline
Christopher Atkins as Richard
Leo McKern as Paddy Button
William Daniels as Arthur Lestrange
Elva Josephson as Young Emmeline
Glenn Kohan as Young Richard

Soundtrack / Songs: The Blue Lagoon - Basil Poledouris - 1993

1. Love Theme (Emmeline)
2. Main Title
3. Fire
4. Island
5. Sand of Time
6. Paddy's Death
7. Children Grow
8. Lord of the Lagoon
9. Love Theme (Reprise)
10. Underwater Courtship
11. Kiss
12. Richard Sees Paddy
13. Birth
14. Bad People; Baby Swim
15. Memories
16. 3 Points to Port; End Titles

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Quotes From The Blue Lagoon:

Emmeline: That's not true, you're always staring at my buppies.
Richard: Only because they look so funny!

Richard: I have a funny feeling in my stomach.
Emmeline: Me too.
Richard: My heart is beating so fast.
Emmeline: Mine too.

Emmeline to Richard: I've seen you play with "it", and I know what happens when you play with "it" for a long time.

Paddy chasing Richard and Em: Come back here and put your clothes on!
Young Richard: I don't wanna wear my old britches!
Paddy: It ain't proper to be runnin' 'round naked...
Paddy: ... all the time!

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