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Ruby's Roses Part 3

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"I know we're particular about these roses."
She said, "But they're very special to us. When my mother came from England, she brought one tiny part of her favourite rosebush. That was her reminder of home."
She paused for a minute, and then said sadly, "My mother had a magic touch with flowers. Over the years that one plant multiplied into all these bushes. Since she died, I've tried to keep them up, but I just don't have her magic touch."

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Her voice was all choked up.
"Mom died while Jack Junior was in Vietnam. He just found out about her death today. When he saw her rosebushes damaged, it was the last straw."
Ruby mopped at her tears.
"Once we got him inside and calmed down, he admitted he's out of control. Jack just drove him to Clinton Valley to be admitted to a treatment program."

By now I felt really bad for the Jones family - what a sorrowful homecoming! I could tell my mother and sisters felt the same.

"We all enjoy the roses as much as you do. We will be happy to help you care for them." My mother said.
"You know, some people say I have a magic touch with flowers, too."

Soon, both women were down on their knees talking and examining the damaged bushes together. A few weeks later, the plants had all returned with vigour. My mother and Ruby worked together on the roses all summer long and many summers to follow. So did my sisters and I.

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A friendship formed between the families that would include countless birthdays, graduations and weddings - including Jack Junior's. Years later, when her son left home and her husband died, Ruby became part of our family, spending many happy hours at our house.

She wasn't Ruby Rednose anymore; she was Aunt Ruby. And the rose fence wasn't a fence any longer. My mother had turned it into a bridge.

By Donna Gundle-Krieg

Ruby's Roses Part 1 | 2 | 3


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