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She's All That


Release Date: January 29, 1999

Runtime: 95 min

Language: English

Tagline: A new comedy that proves there's more to attraction than meets the eye.

Director: Robert Iscove

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Who's In It:

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Zach Siler
Rachael Leigh Cook as Laney Boggs
Matthew Lillard as Brock Hudson
Paul Walker as Dean Sampson
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Taylor Vaughan
Kevin Pollak as Wayne Boggs
Anna Paquin as Mackenzie Siler
Kieran Culkin as Simon Boggs
Elden Henson as Jesse Jackson
Usher Raymond as Campus DJ

Soundtrack / Songs: She's All That - Soundtrack - Various Artists - 1999

1. The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
2. Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
3. Prophecy - Remy Zero
4. Baby Got Going - Liz Phair
5. Wanderer - Josh Ralph
6. Gorgeous - Girl Next Door
7. Blacktop Beat - Jurassic Five
8. 66 - Afghan Whigs
9. Believe - Goldie
10. Sugar - Stretch Princess
11. Give It to Me Baby - Rick James
12. Shuck & Jive - Superdrag
13. Be Free - Black Eyed Peas
14. Test the Theory - Audioweb
15. Ooh La La - The Wiseguys
16. Nonstop Organization - Dust Junkys
17. Up to Us - Allrise
18. Hangin' on - Emily & Carlos

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Quotes From She's All That:

Laney Boggs: Sir, have you reached a decision?
Elderly: Yes I have. Supersize my balls.

Zach Siler: She kinda blew me off.
Mackenzie Siler: I like her already.

Dean Sampson: I mean, the girl's an institution in this place. Every girl wants to be her, and every guy wants to nail her.
Preston: Basically she's you, with tits.

Zach Siler: Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam. In six weeks she's being named prom queen.


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