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Saddest Story Ever
True Love Never Has an Ending Part 2

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"What a stupid question", I thought. However, that was all my brain could come up with.
“Yes I am,” he replied.
“It’s not that being with you doesn’t make me happy or anything but when I’m with Ann, it’s like a whole different world. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yes I do…” I said with a heavy heart.
“I understand.” On the outside, I was happy, smiling even. But on the inside, I was hurting. When he had said those four words, it felt as if he took my heart and ripped it into pieces in front of my face. With each word, the pain felt like a thousand knives stabbing at the remnants of my heart.
“Promise me something okay? Promise me that you’ll completely forget about me, okay?”
“Fiona... I can’t...”
“Please? It would make me happy and it’s my final wish...”
“Okay then... I promise you. You’ll always be my best friend. Good bye.” He gave me one brief kiss on the check and walked away…

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I sat on the grass, my heart heavy and my eyes swollen with tears. The world as I had known it has ceased to exist. I will never again know what it is like to laugh with my childish abandon because my childhood is behind me. Pain and sorrow will be my constant companions now that the love of my life is gone. I raised my eyes to watch him walk away forever into the crimson sunset. I don’t know how long I sat there. It could have been hours, or maybe just minutes. I wasn’t in a hurry to get home. I knew no one would be looking for me there. I couldn’t think.

The next few months were a blur. I dropped out of school, abandoned my friends, stopped eating and ceased all communication with anyone. Day after day I sat there filled with pain. The pain was unbearable. I cried myself to sleep each night, thinking about David and what used to be. I thought about all the kisses, hugs, laughter and happiness that we shared. I continuously wonder what I did wrong to make this wonderful love slip away.

----------------- January -----------------

----------------- February ----------------

------------------ March -------------------

------------------- April --------------------

------------------- May ---------------------

Before I knew it, summer 2004 had arrived. It’s been a year since he left me and I still haven’t gotten over him. David and Ann were doing great. They were practically married - unofficially I hope. I could tell that David was truly happy with her and he loved her deeply. However, the way she made him happy drives me crazy. Sometimes I wish that he would be unhappy. I wish that he would become fed up with her and come back to me instead. I was selfish and wanted everything that she has now; what should have been mine.

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I would occasionally bumped into David and Ann from time to time. Everytime I see them, they were misled by the way I seemed to be coping on the outside. No one recognises me anymore. I had completely changed. I didn’t mind what people thought about me or how they looked down on me. No one could possibly understand how I was feeling. People told me that if I prayed, everything would be okay. I’ve said the words. Nothing happened and nothing changed. The world is a field of never ending pain. The pain was a constant torture like a knife stabbing at my back, creeping it's way to me one way or another.

Almost every night, I would take out my silver box unconsciously. I never did once open it though. I was afraid of what would happen to me if his words come running back to me once again. I clutched it close to my heart, or where it used to be, and cried. I believe if you collected my tears for the past year, it would be enough to flood all of North America. I was I was exaggerating, but sadly I’m not. I don’t understand how I can still have tears to cry. Sometimes at night, I feel David sitting beside me even though he was far beyond my reach. That only made matters worse. The worse way to miss someone is when you’re right
beside them wanting to reach out and touch them, but you know you can’t have them.

True Love Never Has an Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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