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Sayings About Love

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A good love is delicious,
you can't get enough too soon.
It makes you so crazy
you want to swallow the moon.

Don't get mad when it seems
like someone cares too much,
start worrying when
they don't care at all.

Love is an ocean of emotions
entirely surrounded by expenses

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The road to finding "the one"
is paved with a bit of promiscuity

Love is being stupid together.

If love be rough with you,
be rough with love.
Prick love for pricking you
and beat love down.

I believe love to be hurtful to society,
and to the individual happiness of men.
I believe, in short,
that love does more harm than good.

Live without pretending,
love without depending,
listen without defending,
speak without offending.

Love is a beautician.
It can create beauty, but also illusion.
True love is natural beauty.
Everylasting, and never fake.

A woman in love will do
almost anything for a man,
except give up the desire
to improve him.

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It is best to love wisely, no doubt;
but to love foolishly is better
than not to be able to love at all.

Love is the state in which
man sees things most widely different
from what they are.

Those who love deeply never grow old;
they may die of old age,
but they die young.

Take away love and our earth is a tomb.

Last night I dreamt somebody loved me:
no hope - no harm just another false alarm.

Quotes About Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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