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Poems About Love And Trust
Trusting Love's Not Wrong

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How many times she'd doubted him;

how many times he'd cried!

Two victims of harsh circumstance

can't comprehend just why.

Can truth reveal how much he cared,

how much the rumors lied?

That love he felt within his heart

demanded he must try.

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Against great odds, they persevered

and rose above the crowd;

naysayers never had a chance

when lies were disavowed.

As truth regained an upper hand,

true love grew strong and proud;

And, now, the song that fills their hearts

flows from their lips aloud.


Dark undertones have faded in

simplicity of song -

love plays its joyful melody

and apprehension's gone.

Where once a doubting mind had held

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contentions deemed quite wrong,

Two hearts rejoice in love's sweet tune

and dance from dusk 'til dawn.


Peggy Paris

Poems About Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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