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Poems About Life And Love
Life and Love

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We met as young kids. You were the boy that every girl wanted,
i was the girl that you wrote to in secret.We loved deeply,
trully and innocently.

I never thought i could be without you,
I thought i would always feel your touch
I knew you were the one for me

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We grew up and got new passions,
never saw you for years, but always thought of you,
wondered if you still smiled the same when i said those silly things
Then i heard that you got married,
she was the girl that you'd been seeing,
all the while you were the guy that i saw in my dreams
I wished you to be happy but

I taught myself to be without you
I tried to forget your touch
But i still knew you were the one for me

Now i ran into you the other day,
you were with her and i was with him,
but when our eyes met i saw the same boy that i once knew.
Now, were talking trying to be all grown, but in the silence
we can hear, the aching in our hearts for the love that is true.
Now you ask me if i love you, i look at you with tears in my eyes and say..

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I never want to be without you
I always want to feel your touch
You will always be the only one for me.

Annie K Ncekei

Poems About Love Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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