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Release Date: December 25, 2009

Runtime: 118 min

Language: English

Tagline: This Holiday Season, Be Italian

Director: Rob Marshall

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Who's In It:

Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini
Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini
Penélope Cruz as Carla
Kate Hudson as Stephanie
Nicole Kidman as Claudia
Stacy Ferguson as Saraghina(Fergie)
Sophia Loren as Mamma
Judi Dench as Lilli

Soundtrack / Songs: Nine - Soundtrack - Various Artists - 2009

1. Overture Delle Donne - Female Ensemble
2. Guido's Song - Daniel Day Lewis
3. A Call From the Vatican - Penelope Cruz
4. Folies Bergere - Judi Dench
5. Be Italian - Fergie
6. My Husband Makes Movies - Marion Cotillard
7. Cinema Italiano - Kate Hudson
8. Guarda La Luna - Sophia Loren
9. Unusual Way - Nicole Kidman
10. Take It All - Marion Cotillard
11. I Can't Make This Movie - Daniel Day-Lewis
12. Finale
13. Quando Quando Quando - Fergie
14. Io Baci, Tu Baci - The Noisettes
15. Cinema Italiano - The Ron Fair Remix - Kate Hudson
16. Unusual Way - Griffith Frank

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Quotes From Nine:

Saraghina: Be... Italian...
Saraghina: Be Italian...
Saraghina: Take a chance and try to steal a fiery kiss!
Saraghina: Be Italian...
Saraghina: Be Italian...
Saraghina: When you hold me, don't just hold me, but... hold... this!...
Saraghina: ...Be a singer!
Chorus: Be a singer!
Saraghina: Be a lover!
Chorus: Be a lover!
Saraghina: Pick the flower now before the chance is past!
Chorus: Before it's past!
Saraghina: Be Italian!
Chorus: Be Italian!
Saraghina: Be Italian!
Chorus: Be Italian...
Saraghina: Live today as if it may... become... your last!

Carla: I'll be waiting for you, with my legs open.

Guido Contini: Hold on to me, mama. Don't let me wake from this.


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