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Monte Carlo


Release Date: July 1, 2011

Runtime: 109 min

Language: English

Tagline: She's having the time of someone else's life.

Director: Thomas Bezucha

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Who's In It:

Selena Gomez as Grace
Katie Cassidy as Emma
Leighton Meester as Meg
Cory Monteith as Owen
Brett Cullen as Robert
Catherine Tate as Alicia
Amanda Fairbank-Hynes as Amanda

Soundtrack / Songs: Monte Carlo - Soundtrack - Michael Giacchino - 2011

1. Graceful Exit
2. What Mom Would Have Wanted
3. Its Not Magic
4. Feeling Eiffel
5. Grace Under Pressure
6. Mirror Coincidence
7. The Seduction of Paris
8. Along for the Ride
9. Seizing the Moment
10. The Full Monte Carlo
11. One Suite Deal
12. Junk in the Trunks
13. Ball In
14. Pairing Up
15. A Little Horse (S'Il Vous) Play
16. Of Another Color
17. Dressing Up and Dressing Down
18. Jazz Cafe
19. Staying Classy
20. Hotel Keys
21. You're Goin' Places, Kid
22. Chasing Emma
23. Have a Nice Trip
24. Megsmerized
25. Cordelia Arrives
26. Cordelia's Not So Suite
27. Time to Go
28. Missing Links
29. Return Engagement
30. Protection and (Room) Service
31. Just Stay Here
32. I Don't Want to Lose You
33. It's Too Much
34. Just a Regular Girl
35. Almost Everyone Is Happy
36. Separate Ways
37. Grace Be With You
38. Of Another Color (Extended Version)
39. Making Light
40. Grace's Theme

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Quotes From Monte Carlo:

Grace: I finally meet a guy who likes me for me. And I'm not even me.

Grace: Paris, nobody pinch me.

Emma : We are going to Monte Carlo.
Megan: We’ll get caught.
Grace: Then you’ll get to say I told you so…

Emma : Jackson marries Cordelia Winthrop Scott… Oh!
Grace: What?
Emma : Cordelia you’re a bad girl…
Grace: What did I do?
Megan: What didn’t you do?

Emma : First class
Grace: This is way out of or league.
Megan: This is never part of the plan. I’m out!
Emma : Real Cordelia is to play hockey for a few days and we… I’ll get a vacation that we deserve.


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