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Getting Married Quotes

Married Quotes Part 1 | 2


And I'll do anything
you ever dreamed to be complete.
Little pieces of the nothing that fall.
Put your arms around me.
What you feel is what you are
and what you are is beautiful.
Do you wanna get married or run away?

It’s a funny thing that when a man
hasn’t anything on earth to worry about,
he goes off and gets married.

Baby, I'm ready. I want that ring.

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It's easy to get married,
but hard to stay that way.

You know what I did before I married?
Anything I wanted to.

Men are my hobby,
if I ever got married I'd have to give it up.

Marriage is when a man
looses his bachelors degree
and woman gets her masters degree.

One day the thunderbolt will hit you,
and if you survive that
you’ll make the dumb mistake of getting married.

Some remain single
and make wonders happen.
Some have boyfriends
and see wonders happen.
The rest get married
and wonder what happened.

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He who marries for love
without money has
good nights and sorry days.

Marriage is an adventure,
like going to war.

After all, there is something
about a wedding gown prettier
than in any other gown in the world.

No matter what your relationship status is,
everyone has someone in the world
they'd marry tomorrow if asked by them today.

Married Quotes Part 1 | 2


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