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There are two sorts of romantics:
those who love,
and those who love
the adventure of loving

Children show scars
like medals.
Lovers use them
as secrets to reveal.
A scar is what happens
when the word is made flesh

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There is seemingly so little love
shared in this world,
it is not surprising
that we ask,
"Where have all the lovers gone?"
Since love is the
most vital energy for good
that is within our power to utilize,
it is puzzling why
we so seldom do so.
Love is just a useless,
abstract idea
until we put it into action...
Unless we are always
actively living in love,
we are not utilizing
the greatest gift
we have been given
and which we, in turn,
have to offer.

In her first passion,
a woman loves her lover,
in all the others
all she loves is love

A man nearly always loves
for other reasons than he thinks.
A lover is apt to be
as full of secrets from himself
as is the object
of his love from him.

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The world is a puzzle
and we're two pieces
that fit perfectly together.

A man's heart
will never be complete
without a woman's love

Oh god
Let all lovers be content
Give them happy endings
Let their lives be celebrations
Let their hearts dance
in the fire of your love

Lovers Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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