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What makes lovers
never tire of one another
is that they talk always
about themselves.

A true lover
always feels in debt
to the one he loves.

Love today,
so you will never have
empty yesterdays

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Let no one who loves
be called altogether unhappy;
even love unreturned
has its rainbow.

Love is when
all you think of
is that person the person
who completes you
that feeling of being
safe and secure
in their arms

Someone has stolen my heart
and you are the highest
on my list of suspects.

It is easier to be a lover
than a husband
for the simple reason
that it is more difficult
to be witty every day
than to produce
the occasional bon mot

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The sweeter the apple,
the blacker the core.
Scratch a lover
and find a foe!

Every man
needs two women,
a quiet home-maker,
and a thrilling nymph.

The one who loves least
controls the relationship.

Lovers Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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