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Good Morning Poems For Lovers
Morning Love

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Does the day seem remote to you?
A distant sound on the sunrise of our waking
This moment belongs to us everlasting
In your arms fulfilled I rest
serene, secure, loved

No rush to reenter reality
A fantasy we share now together
Really touching, really holding
Kissing each other awake

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Just the covers keep the prying eyes of the sunlight at bay
from our bodies otherwise exposed to the crisp morning air

The warmth of your arms encircle me
in comfort ... in bliss
and we kiss... and we kiss
Soft, gentle arousing,
bringing back tastes of honey sweetness
recalling our night before

Such perfect union,
our curves reflect each other
We leave no space between us to miss
We rest... our spirits communicating
our thoughts through our touches
Our caresses.. the heat of our lips

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It's the morning after...
and we're in rapture, peaceful

I love you

Paula Johns

Lovers Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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