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And So I Walk

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It is morning
And the walking now is good
Above all the cardinals are singing
The sun is up but not yet enough to heat the everyman

We've waited for these days
The days of more sunshine and green
The days of more singing and building
The trees are so busy now with sounds and movement

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And so I walk
I walk amid the trees
With the air and wind
And sounds of birds to keep me company

I walk to find the answers
The answers to many questions that
Encircle my mind daily
Wondering what will become of the next

And above all the cardinals are singing
Their song is one minded
It’s the same one I sing
Where are you - Come to me

And so I walk
The air is fresh and a bit cool
It’s a good day to walk
It’s a good day to seek the answers from the One

I concentrate and try to meditate
As I walk the circuit
Not once but 6 times
And still the questions encircle my mind

Where are you - Come to me
Above all the cardinals sing
I too am of the same
I too wonder and seek this answer from the One

Yet I've known it from the start
As the cardinals sing
I've known this answer all along
She is there, and she is here, she is always in my heart

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And so I walk
It’s my time now, and mine alone
No other but the One to account for me
No other but 'My come to me'

Another day will arrive
Another good day to walk and survive
Another morning to concentrate and meditate
Another time to hear the cardinals sing above all

And one answer I will know
Forever and ever I pray so?
Will the One let it be?
Will He let it be for eternity?

Lovers Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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