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Love Poetry For Him
You Know It's Love When...

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You know it's love
when your heart jumps out of your chest
whenever your guy of crush walks in the room,
when your stomach gets butterflies
whenever you think of yourself, with him

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You know it's love
when all you think about is him,
when nothing else matters, except being with him
and talking to him

You know it's love
when all you daydream about is his looks and body,
and when you can trust him
and tell him all your secrets

When you feel all these things you know it's love.

Whenever I see you my heart jumps,
butterflies appear
I think of you constantly
want to be with you always
dream of you everyday,
and trust you more than anybody

You are my love,
You are are the guy,
The caring, gentle guy all girls dream about,
only I was the lucky one,
The one to be able to share my life with you

We are the lucky ones to have each other
You and me!

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That's how I know
I'm in love with you,
and that my love for you...
will always be


Love Poems for Him Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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